Sell directly on Twitter with Shopify

Let Twitter do the work

Any product that's ever been Tweeted from your online store will automatically include a buy button, and shoppers can immediately start buying without leaving Twitter.

Super simple setup

Getting started is as simple as adding the Twitter sales channel from your Shopify admin. After that, simply click "Publish Tweet" from your Shopify dashboard.

Checkout happens seamlessly without customers ever having to leave Twitter 

From discovery to checkout, the entire experience is optimized for mobile. The checkout is simple and lightweight, and shoppers can save their personal and payment information with Twitter for future purchases.

Measure engagement and sales

Measure and track the number of orders using the Twitter channel overview in your Shopify Admin. Keep track of your top products and any activity that mentions your brand.


Entice users to follow you for time-sensitive flash sales. More followers means more potential customers.


Reward your followers

Increase engagement and brand loyalty by rewarding your followers with Twitter-only promotions and sales.

Use Twitter’s Ecosystem

Build your audience by joining conversations relevant to your brand, and using promoted Tweets to extend your reach.