Shopify vs WordPress

Hear what ecommerce customers have to say

Shopify makes it easy to switch from ecommerce

So much simpler to set up. All the tools I need for a successful business.

As a platform it feels much simpler to bolt on features and integrations through apps than fiddling with plugin comparability in WordPress. The theme shop had what I wanted for getting started. Maybe more could be made of the theme designers. Some easy way to link with designers to develop custom themes or additions to current ones. Almost like a designers library

Integrating a my payment gateway was simple which I really appreciate as this stuff gets daunting really quickly. PayPal and google are good options but I think it looks more professional to have a built in option.

The biggest plus is the support. Not pushy, always friendly, always helpful, always available, absolutely awesome.

Looking forward to launching.

- Andy Kearney

So far my favorite is Shopify, I have created two online stores with them and I am satisfied with their service. Very fast servers and good support if you have any problems. Their example designs looks great as well.

- Ex-customer of ecommerce

My advice is to get a professionally hosted shopping cart from people who know what they’re doing. I switched to Shopify from WP-eCommerce literally on the day I launched my store. I was having major headaches with live testing of WP-eCommerce’s PayPal support and lost what was left of my confidence. Setting up the shop with Shopify was a matter of a day and the system is very robust yet highly customizable.

There are tons of hosted shopping cart solutions out there and many of them are very robust and affordable. Remind yourself that your job isn’t to manage your shop software but to sell whatever it is you’re selling. The last thing you want is the software to get in your way just because you wanted to save a couple of bucks. And be sure to check that whatever solution you decide to give a try has a solid reputation.

- Tom

Used both WP-eCommerce and Shopp. Wouldn’t rush to use either, or WordPress as an ecommerce platform at all, again. WP- eCommerce has an awful reputation and I found it very weird to use, even on a single product site. Would have no faith in it for a large store.

Shopp seems marginally better but as has been mentioned even forum access, let alone any actual support, needs to be paid for.

So do yourself a favour and just avoid WordPress if ecommerce is anything more than a tiny element of your site. Use something that was built for purpose instead eg Shopify. You’ll be happier for it.

- Luke